The National Law Journal Names Keller Postman Associate Sean Duddy to 2022 Employment Law Trailblazers

July 11, 2022

Keller Postman Associate Sean Duddy has been named to The National Law Journal’s 2022 Employment Law Trailblazers. The list recognizes lawyers who are agents of change in their representation of employees in litigation and who have made significant marks on the practice, policy, and technological advancements in their sector.

Sean has been at the forefront of fighting for California’s gig-economy workers to receive the protections they are entitled to as employees, and he has successfully secured the right to equal pay for thousands of employees in an evolving workforce.

“This question struck me the very first time I rode in an Uber: How can we, as a society, responsibly harness exponential tech growth to improve consumers’ lives and still protect the important rights jeopardized by that same technology, including privacy and employment rights? How can we strike that balance?” Sean said. “Traditional workplace legislation has not kept up with today’s gig economy landscape and the mass-arbitration practice that we have pioneered at Keller Postman is a powerful platform to protect workers’ rights at scale.”

Sean has successfully represented more than 10,000 Postmates couriers in Postmates v. 10,356 Individuals who were sued by Postmates when they sought to arbitrate their claims. The victory further confirmed that employees are allowed to seek relief in arbitration, including in large numbers when a class-action waiver prevents them from proceeding as a class.

“If I can help keep my finger on the scales to make sure workers are protected, it’s a net benefit for society as we continually work towards a utopian future,” Sean said.

Sean has also built and supervised a team of lawyers and professional staff to create an innovative operational model and technology stack to help successfully arbitrate thousands of individual cases simultaneously. Coupled with this highly effective system, Sean’s leadership has optimized a team structure that consistently delivers winning results.

“Employee rights are being vindicated across the country through mass arbitration… Now that companies can no longer use forced arbitration to hinder workers from bringing claims, those workers have recovered their seat at the table,” Sean said. “The fight is far from over, but we have shown that positive change is possible.”

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