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Working at Keller Postman

This is not a traditional law firm. Our work environment merges the innovation and autonomy of a startup enterprise with unprecedented dedication to excellence and client advocacy. The firm’s culture is characterized by a spirit of creativity, passion and teamwork. We operate with a sense of urgency. We push, challenge, and learn from one another. And we support our team with outstanding benefits, resources, and flexibility.

At all levels, we have a commitment that, no matter what we touch, we’re going to do it as excellently as possible. That spirit unites everyone across the firm. We’re all responsible for building that reputation at all levels.

- Ashley Keller, Partner & Co-Founder

Plaintiff-side work is more fun and interesting than the defense side. And we get to do work here that we would never get to do at a big defense firm. There’s a lot more opportunity. Plus, Keller Postman has all the fun offerings of a startup with more freedom and flexibility.

- Nicole Berg, Partner

It’s a very welcoming and inclusive place. Everyone here has their door open. And even considering how much everyone has to do, they still make time to talk to each other and build relationships.

- Lizet Ochoa, Junior Accountant

Part of what’s so fun about working here is that I really have a personal stake. These are my clients. I represent them. You’re really doing something meaningful that matters to people.

- Seth Meyer, Partner

I would 100% describe the culture at Keller Postman as collaborative. We really depend on each other. And I also feel like we’re respected and trusted with the work that we do. Leadership is extremely supportive.

- Liliana Martinez, Client Services Representative

At Keller Postman, you have so much autonomy. I feel like I’ve been given more responsibility and more authority to make decisions. That’s so rare for this stage in my career. And I feel like I have the whole team behind me and a clear path to do my job well.

- Albert Pak, Associate

There’s so much opportunity here. Sure, you have a job title and responsibilities. But there’s probably 10 more things that you can do beyond that list, and nobody tells you to stay in your lane. And they want to hear from everyone to keep making this place better.

- Brian Mueller, Director of IT & Analytics

We’re always thinking of creative solutions that other lawyers have not thought of. It’s a dynamic job, and it keeps me intellectually satisfied in a way that I think very few jobs in any industry anywhere do. I feel lucky to be able to do the things I’m doing at this level of my career.

- Sean Duddy, Associate

The Attorney Experience

Our team of attorneys rivals any adversary’s. Keller Postman lawyers hail from AmLaw 25 firms, elite trial boutiques, and federal appellate and district-court clerkships. We value diverse experiences, embrace unique perspectives, and share an unwavering commitment to excellence in advocating on behalf of our clients.

Large law firms would have you believe that the defense side is the only side. Nonsense. Keller Postman is home to lawyers who seek intellectually challenging, prestigious, and meaningful work. We provide an exciting and rewarding platform for exceptional attorneys.

At Keller Postman, every member of the attorney team plays a critical role, regardless of seniority. Our lawyers take ownership of their matters, and we trust them to make independent decisions. We offer a plaintiff-side platform for young lawyers who want greater responsibility and earlier opportunities for leadership roles, with the same expected level of excellence, prestigious casework, and reward. 
LEARN MORE about why Keller Postman’s culture has made our firm a destination for a fast-growing bench of elite talent.

Professional & Support Staff Experience

Autonomy and a sense of ownership carry through to our professional and support staff. We pride ourselves on bringing a different mindset to the law, and that requires professional team members who advance our mission. We’re looking for people who bring diverse opinions to the table, champion great ideas, and stay laser-focused on the part they play in delivering the best outcomes for our clients.

Our Values

At Keller Postman, our values are the foundation for the way we work, the way we treat one another, and the way we advocate for our clients. We seek new team members who share our vision. Click here to learn more about the principles that guide our firm.

Keller Postman is an Equal Opportunity Employer.