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At Keller Postman, we represent plaintiffs in complex litigation matters. That means our cases frequently involve representing multiple clients, claims in multiple jurisdictions, complicated legal and factual issues, and significant damages or reputational interests. These disputes include individual arbitration proceedings, consolidated mass actions (such as multi-district litigation in federal court), and class actions.

Unlike many plaintiffs’ firms, we don’t limit our practice to certain types of claims or areas of law. Our diverse team has experience litigating cases across a wide variety of practice areas, which allows us to be flexible and responsive to our clients’ needs. Our litigation portfolio consists of cases where we can use our unique skills and resources to help our clients solve problems and vindicate their rights, regardless of the substantive claims involved.

Some of the types of cases we handle include:


Antitrust laws protect consumers from predatory business practices and ensure fair competition for all businesses in the market. Our team has experience litigating a wide variety of cases on behalf of competing businesses (who deserve an equal playing field) and consumers (who have a right to fair prices, more service choices, and better products).


Many employment and consumer contracts contain provisions that require the parties to resolve any disputes through arbitration. These provisions are rarely negotiable, and plaintiffs may not even be aware of them until a dispute arises. We help our clients level the playing field when contracts written by defendants force them into arbitration.


No one should have to sacrifice a reasonable expectation of privacy in exchange for modern convenience, particularly without knowledge or consent. Keller Postman is committed to helping protect our clients’ personal privacy through cases based on state and federal laws.

Product Liability

We represent plaintiffs in complex product liability litigation, including class and mass actions in which multiple people were injured or affected by the same product or class of products. Our team has experience litigating product-liability claims involving pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and a wide variety of other consumer products.

Public Institutions

We represent States, municipalities, and other government entities as plaintiffs in legal actions for the benefit of their constituents. In line with our commitment to the public good, our practice provides pivotal support—in terms of expert attorneys and resources—to public entities for the benefit of their people.

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