Keller Postman and Hagens Ask to Lead Amazon Antitrust Suit

January 11, 2023

Keller Postman, representing consumers suing Amazon for antitrust violations that led to inflated prices across online markets, asked a Washington federal judge to appoint the firm Interim Co-Lead Class Counsel in Frame-Wilson et al v. Inc. The putative class alleges that Amazon’s most-favored-nation (MFN) agreements with third-party sellers barred the sellers from offering lower prices on other online sites.

Frame-Wilson is a sister lawsuit to De Coster et al v. Inc., a case that Keller Postman filed last spring on behalf of Amazon customers who paid inflated prices due to Amazon’s MFN clause. Keller Postman was also previously appointed Interim Co-Lead Class Counsel in that suit.

The Keller Postman team includes Partners Zina Bash and Warren Postman, and Associate Jessica Beringer.

Read more at Law360 (subscription required).

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