Webinar: Latest Infant Formula NEC Updates

October 13, 2022

Seth Meyer and Associate Amelia Frenkel joined CaseWorks to discuss the latest updates in the infant formula/necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) litigation. 

Click here to watch on demand.

Keller Postman represents thousands of parents of preterm infants who suffered necrotizing enterocolitis as a result of consuming cow’s milk-based formula. We are bringing claims against defendants Abbott and Mead—the makers of Enfamil and Similac infant formula and fortifiers—for their role in causing preterm infants to develop necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC), a dangerous inflammation of the intestines that can lead to rupture and death.

In this webinar, Seth and Amelia discuss:

  • How the litigation first started and its current status
  • The current research that links development of necrotizing enterocolitis to premature infant consumption of cow’s milk-based formula
  • The current size and scope of the litigation
  • An overview of injuries suffered as a result of developing NEC
  • Case criteria for filing a claim and the process for obtaining medical records
  • Jurisdictional strategy and consolidation
  • Sensitivity around client acquisition, outreach, and communication
  • The future of the litigation from here

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