Harvard Plaintiffs’ Law Association Gains Traction Among Students and Firms

February 16, 2023

As a longstanding sponsor of the Harvard Plaintiffs’ Law Association (HPLA), Keller Postman is proud to see the organization’s fast growth as more law students recognize that they can use their legal skills “to do good while doing interesting and sophisticated legal work,” Partner Zina Bash told the National Law Journal.

Fred Messner, one of HPLA’s previous co-presidents, was Keller Postman’s first summer associate in 2021. “I was looking for a legal career that was aligned with my values—that would let me represent individuals against powerful interests—but would also be financially sustainable… Plaintiff-side careers have the best of both worlds,” said Messner. Today, he is doing just that as Messner advocates for servicemembers in his role as Keller Postman’s director of Camp Lejeune operations.

Over the last three years, HPLA has doubled its membership as law students recognize that the plaintiffs’ bar offers competitive financial compensation with the personal satisfaction of representing deserving clients and bringing meritorious cases. We are grateful for HPLA’s important work to show up-and-coming lawyers the exciting and rewarding world of plaintiff-side litigation.

Read more at The National Law Journal (subscription required).

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